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From Finslerian time measures to Finsler geometric gravity

Jan 22
Group Seminar
1:00 pm o'clock to 2:00 pm o'clock
Christian Pfeifer (Universität Hamburg)
SR 02.779

One cornerstone of special relativity is the Einstein clock postulate which links the length of distinguished spacetime curves to an observers measurement of time. Assuming a metric length measure this leads to general relativity. During this talk I consider a more general geometric length, not necessarily induced by a metric, which leads to non-metric geometry of space-time describing gravity, called Finsler geometry. I present a precise definition of such Finsler spacetimes which guarantees a clear notion of causality. Moreover I discuss the coupling of physical matter fields to Finsler spacetimes and how the matter field content determines the spacetime geometry dynamically. The latter yields a gravitational field equation which extends Einstein’s equations. As example I present a first order spherical symmetric solution of the extended equation and compare it to the linearised Schwarzschild solution of general relativity.