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Nonperturbative Renormalization Group approaches to quantum gravity

Dec 10
Group Seminar
12:15 pm o'clock to 1:45 pm o'clock
Dr. Astrid Eichhorn (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)
SR 00.732 (!)

I will discuss the Renormalization Group as a useful tool in quantum gravity models: Constructing a quantum field theory of the metric, the Renormalization Group can be used towards the ultraviolet, where indications for asymptotic safety in gravity can be found. I will explain how the coupling to matter gives us a way to test this model: The Standard Model matter content turns out to be compatible with asymptotic safety – within a certain approximation – while certain extensions like the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model, are not. I will also explain how the Renormalization Group can be used in discrete approaches to quantum gravity, such as matrix and tensor models, where it provides a way to search for the continuum limit.