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Semiclassical perturbation theory within loop quantum gravity (Masterkolloquium)

Feb 03
Group Seminar
4:00 pm o'clock to 5:00 pm o'clock
David Winnekens (FAU IQG)
SR 02.729

The work in gr-qc/0505032 aimed on proceeding loop quantum cosmology (LQC) results such as boundedness of the inverse scale factor on zero volume eigenstates to full loop quantum cosmology (LQG). They found that this hint on singularity avoidance does not transfer to LQG (at least not in the examined way) but expectation values with respect to semiclassical states of the inverse scale factor and more general operators are indeed bounded from above. However, in the course of their calculations they considered U(1)³ configurations as a simplification to the general SU(2) case. In our work, we used the procedure gr-qc/0607101 for semiclassical perturbation theory within LQG that allows SU(2) calculations and is provided with error control. We developed a way to calculate expectation values for general configurations and for the two most basic ones even concise formulae for arbitrary orders in ℏ were found. In this talk, we give a brief recap of the theoretical background, introduce the approximation procedure and present the obtained results.