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The Schrödinger equation of the polarized three-torus Gowdy model in algebraic quantum gravity

Mar 15
Group Seminar
10:30 am o'clock to 12:00 pm o'clock
Andreas Leitherer (FAU Erlangen, Germany)
SR 02.729

In this talk, we will discuss a specific toy model – the polarized
three-torus Gowdy model – which is basically a one-dimensional field
theory on a circle with gauge group U(1). To this model we couple Gaussian
dust in the context of the so called relational formalism, giving us a
physical phase space that is isomorphic to the kinematical one and in
particular a physical Hamiltonian that is equivalent to the geometrical
Hamiltonian constraint. To quantize this theory, we apply the techniques
of loop quantum gravity and algebraic quantum gravity, giving us a
Schrödinger equation for which we then discuss some formal solutions.