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International Loop Quantum Gravity Seminar


Winter Term 2015/16

Title Speaker Date
Quantum symmetry reductions based on classical gauge fixings Norbert Bodendorfer (Univ. Warszaw) December 08
Developments on the radial gauge Jedrzej Swiezewski (Univ. Warszaw) November 10
Intrinsic time in quantum geometrodynamics Eyo E. Ita (US Naval Academy) October 27
Loop Quantum Cosmology, Non-Gaussianity, and CMB anomalies Ivan Agulló (LSU) October 13

Summer Term 2015

Title Speaker Date
Squeezed spin-networks and entanglement Eugenio Bianchi (Penn State) September 29
3D Holography Bianca Dittrich (Perimeter Institute) September 15
Numerical investigations of the EPRL model Benjamin Bahr (DESY) September 01
Generalized GFT condensates and Cosmology Lorenzo Sindoni (Albert Einstein Institute) May 05
Separability and quantum mechanics Fernando Barbero (CSIC, Madrid) April 21
An explicit computation of the evaporation of a quantum black hole Jorge Pullin (LSU) April 07

Winter Term 2014/15

Title Speaker Date
Information loss Matteo Smerlak (Perimeter Institute) March 24
Quantum curve Muxin Han (Florida Atlantic University) March 10
Cosmology with group field theory condensates Steffen Gielen (Imperial College) February 24
No firewalls in quantum gravity Alejandro Perez (CNRS Marseille) February 10
Rainbows from quantum gravity Andrea Dapor (University of Warszaw) January 27
Invariance of Connections and Measures in Loop Quantum Cosmology Maximilian Hanusch (University of Paderborn) December 09
SL(2,C) Chern-Simons Theory and Spinfoam Gravity with a Cosmological Constant Hal Haggard and Aldo Riello (Bard College and Perimeter Institute) November 25
Lorentz transformations from abstract quantum theory: a thought experiment Philip Hoehn (Perimeter Institute) November 11
New applications for LQG Jerzy Lewandowski (University of Warszaw) October 28
White holes Carlo Rovelli (CNRS Marseille) October 14

Summer Term 2014

Title Speaker Date
Covariant loop quantum gravity: Its classical action, phase space and gauge symmetries Wolfgang Wieland (Penn State) September 16
Casimir effect on a quantum geometry Javier Olmedo (LSU) September 02
Hawking radiation in LQG Jorge Pullin (LSU) May 13
LQC and the very early universe Ivan Agullo, Aurelien Barrau & Guillermo Mena (LSU, Fourier U & CSIC Madrid) April 29
Linking canonical and covariant LQG Antonia Zipfel (University of Warsaw) April 15
Continuum limit and renormalization Laurent Freidel (Perimeter Institute) April 01

Winter Term 2013/14

Title Speaker Date
S-matrices for General Boundary QFT on Anti de Sitter spacetime Max Dohse (UNAM-Morelia) March 18
Discussion on simplicity constraints in spin foam models Marc Geiller & Simone Speziale (Penn State & Marseille) March 04
Quantum group spin nets: refinement limit and relation to spin foams Sebastian Steinhaus (Perimeter Institute) February 18
A new vacuum for loop quantum gravity Bianca Dittrich (Perimeter Institute) February 04
Matter matters in asymptotically safe quantum gravity Pietro Dona (Sissa) January 21
Spectral dimension of quantum geometries Johannes Thürigen (Albert Einstein Institute) November 26
What can we learn from shape dynamics? Tim Koslowski (Univ. New Brunswick) November 12
Bianchi IX LQC: Quantization ambiguity and effective description Asieh Karami (UNAM Morelia) October 29
Black hole entropy from LQG: higher dimensions and generalized theories Norbert Bodendorfer (Penn State) October 01

Summer Term 2013

Title Speaker Date
Thermality of spherical causal domains & the entanglement spectrum Hal Haggard (CPT Marseille) September 17
Multisymplectic effective General Boundary Field Theory José Antonio Zapata (UNAM Morelia) September 03
The imaginary part of the GR action and the large-spin 4-simplex amplitude Yasha Neiman (PennState) May 07
A loop quantum multiverse? Martin Bojowald (Penn State) April 23
Hamiltonian spinfoam gravity Wolfgang Wieland (CPT Marseille) April 09

Winter Term 2012/13

Title Speaker Date
Bianchi I LQC Brajesh Gupt (LSU) March 26
Quantum reduced loop gravity E. Alesci/F. Cianfrani (Univ. Erlangen) March 12
Gravity electroweak unification Stephon Alexander (Dartmouth College) February 26
Dynamical chaos and the volume gap Hal Haggard (CPT Marseille) February 12
Entanglement in loop quantum gravity Eugenio Bianchi (Perimeter Institute) January 29
Coarse graining: towards a cylindrically consistent dynamics Bianca Dittrich (Perimeter Institute) November 27
Twistorial structure of loop quantum gravity transition amplitudes Simone Speziale (CPT-CNRS, Marseille) November 13
Renormalization of Tensorial Group Field Theories Sylvain Carrozza (Albert-Einstein-Institute Golm) October 30
Horizon entropy from loop gravity Eugenio Bianchi (Perimeter Institute) October 16
Lifting General Relativity to Observer Space Derek Wise (FAU-Erlangen) October 02

Summer Term 2012

Title Speaker Date
Flux Coherent States Lorenzo Sindoni (Albert-Einstein-Institute Golm) September 18
Holonomy Spin Foam Models: Asymptotic Dynamics Frank Hellmann (Albert-Einstein-Institute Golm) September 04