Michael Kobler

Michael Kobler, M. Sc.

PhD Student

Group of Prof. Giesel
Institute of Theoretical Physics

Room: Room 02.533
Staudtstr. 7/B2
91058 Erlangen

Research Areas

The main focus of my work at the Institute for Quantum Gravity is concerned with open quantum systems, decoherence and the quantum-to-classical transition, specifically in the context of models that rely on a quantization prescription inspired by the procedures employed in Loop Quantum Gravity. The derivation of the governing equations of motion is performed either with the projection superoperator technique upon which the Nakajima-Zwanzig equation is based on or the phase influence functional approach, both resulting in a so-called master equation that describes the effective evolution of the system under the influence of an environment (colloquially often called ‘heat bath’). We investigate the effects of various environments on system-bath interactions in different quantization techniques.