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Group Seminar


Summer Term 2022

Title Speaker Date
Residual diffeomorphism covariance in loop quantum Kantowski-Sachs Dr. Jonathan Engle (Florida Atlantic University, USA) July 06
Preparation talks for Loops'22 Various (FAU) July 05
Spin-Area Inequality in Loop Quantum Gravity Paul Hartung (FAU) June 29
Quantum Computing - the perspective of a quantum gravity researcher Dr. Klaus Liegener (Walther-Meissner-Institute (WMI), Munich) June 21
Super Cartan geometry and loop quantum supergravity Konstantin Eder (FAU Erlangen, Germany) June 15
A review of constructive algebraic quantum field theory Gandalf Lechner (FAU Erlangen, Germany) June 01
Fermions in Loop Quantum Gravity and Resolution of the Doubling Problem Prof. Muxin Han (Florida Atlantic University) May 18
Panel on LQC Ivan Agullo Guillermo Mena and Daniele Oriti (Various) May 17
Weil die Zeit eine Richtung besitzt: Wer war Rudolph Clausius, und was haben wir ihm zu verdanken? Prof. Dr. Meschede (University of Bonn (former DPG president)) May 11
Multipole charges in gravity and generalization of BMS symmetries Ali Seraj (ULB, Belgium) May 03
Panel on Boundary Degrees of Freedom and Celestial Holography Marc Geiller Daniele Pranzetti and Wolfgang Wieland (Various) May 03
Semester kick-off-meeting IQG April 27

Winter Term 2021/22

Title Speaker Date
Black hole collapse and bounce in loop quantum gravity Prof. Edward Wilson-Ewing (University of New Brunswick) February 15
Super Cartan geometry and loop quantum supergravity Konstantin Eder (Online PhD defence, not to be open to the public) (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) February 11
Semiclassical Dynamics of Loop Quantum Gravity Almut Vetter (Online PhD defence, not to be open to the public) (FAU Erlange-Nürnberg) January 18
Universality and scaling in the collapse of spherically symmetric scalar fields in semiclassical loop quantum gravity Prof Jorge Pullin (Louisiana State University) January 12
Edge modes as dynamical reference frames Dr. Sylvain Carrozza (University Nijmegen) January 11
Modified loop cosmology and the non-viability of cyclic evolution Prof. Parampreet Singh (Louisiana State University) December 15
The gravitating kinetic gas - A scalar field as source for Finsler gravity Dr. Christian Pfeifer (ZARM, University of Bremen) December 01
Reduced phase space quantization of black holes: path integrals and effective dynamics Cong Zhang (University of Warsaw) November 24
Quantum gravity induced entanglement of masses (QGEM) Prof. Anupam Mazumdar (University of Groningen, The Netherlands) November 17
Super Cartan geometry, LQG and applications Konstantin Eder (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) November 09
Hidden symmetries in black holes Francesco Sartini (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon) November 03
Semester kick-off October 27

Summer Term 2021

Title Speaker Date
LQG sessions MG 16 July 08
LQG sessions MG 16 July 07 Round Table: Women in Science (Prof. Katharina Franke) July 07
LQG sessions at MG 16 July 05
LQG Summer School + Panel Discussion on LQG - Several (Lyon LQG Summer School 2021) June 23
Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Computing on Superconducting Devices Prof. Hartmann (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) June 16
Spin Observables in Loop Quantum Gravity (Bachelor thesis defense study days) Johannes Große (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) June 10
The Spin-Boson Model with a time-dependent Oscillator Environment (Bachelor thesis defense) Marvin Banarescu (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) June 02
Revisiting a 4-Scalar Fields Reference Model in the Context of a Loop Quantization (master thesis defense) Stefan Weigl (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) May 28
Anisotropic LQC bounce in an inflationary spacetime: theory and predictions for the CMB Prof. Javier Olmedo (University of Granada) May 26
TBA Prof. Philipp Höhn (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (Japan)) May 18
An Electric Shift mediated dynamics for Euclidean LQG Prof. Madhavan Varadarajan (Raman Research Institute, Bangalore (India)) May 12
Discussion session May 05
Physics discussion and coffee April 28
Higher gauge theory and quantum gravity Prof. Dr. Florian Girelli (University of Waterloo) April 27
Semester kick-off April 21
Infrared interferometry of the Galactic center black hole Dr. Frank Eisenhauer (Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics) April 15

Winter Term 2020/21

Title Speaker Date
Review/discussion of various topics February 10
First-Order Quantum Correction in Coherent State Expectation Value of Loop-Quantum-Gravity Hamiltonian Cong Zhang (University of Warsaw) February 03
Coarse graining in spin foams - overview and new developments Sebastian Steinhaus (Universität Jena, Germany) January 27
Loop Quantum Gravity on Dynamical Lattice and Improved Cosmological Effective Dynamics Hongguang Liu (FAU Erlangen, Germany) January 20
The Kerr-NUT-(Anti)de Sitter spacetimes: generalised Misner's glueing Jerzy Lewandowski (joint work with Maciej Ostrowski) (University of Warsaw) January 13
2nd quantized spin networks and their emergent cosmological dynamics Daniele Oriti (LMU Munich) December 09
Growth of Linear Perturbations in a Universe with Superfluid Dark Matter Shreya Banerjee (FAU Erlangen, Germany) December 02
Some new development of reduced phase space quantization: cosmology and black holes Hongguang Liu (FAU Erlangen, Germany) November 25
Gravitationally induced decoherence in open quantum systems using linearised gravity formulated in Ashtekar variables Max Fahn (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) November 18
Second-order cosmological perturbation theory in Hamiltonian framework Jonas Neumann (FAU Erlangen, Germany) November 11
Semester Kick-off October 21
On the Kinematics, Spin and Statistics of Matter Fields in Loop Quantum Gravity Refik Mansuroglu (FAU Erlangen, Germany) October 14

Winter Term 2019/20

Title Speaker Date
Semiclassical expectation values via Kummer’s confluent hypergeometric functions David Winnekens (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) January 29
Quantum gravity and matter: The predictive power of asymptotic safety Dr. Aaron Held (Imperial College London) January 22
Towards a manifestly supersymmetric formulation of loop quantum supergravity theories Konstantin Eder (FAU Erlangen, Germany) January 15
Coherent States on the Circle: Semiclassical Matrix Elements in the Context of Kummer Functions and the Zak transformation Prof. Kristina Giesel (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) January 08
Dirac Observables for Effective Polymer Black Hole Johannes Münch (Universität Regensburg) December 18
(b,v)-Type Variables for Effective Polymer Black Holes Fabio Mele (Universität Regensburg) December 11
Current Status and Prospects for “Lattice” Loop Quantum Gravity Dr. Klaus Liegener (Lousiana State University) December 04
Studying M-Theory Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking with Machine Learning Tools Dr. Thomas Fischbacher (Google Research, Zurich) November 27
Mysteries of Black Holes in the Isolated Horizon equations Prof. Dr. Jerzy Lewandowski (Warsaw University) November 13
Can one calculate SU(n) Chern-Simons expectation values using the Duflo map? Justin Gassner (FAU Erlangen, Germany) October 14

Summer Term 2019

Title Speaker Date
Black hole entropy in loop quantum gravity in the presence of electromagnetic fields Mathias Schmid (FAU Erlangen) September 30
Gauge-invariant cosmological perturbation theory with Gaussian dust reference fields Laura Herold (FAU Erlangen) September 23
Loop Quantum Gravity: A Structural Review Prof. Madhavan Varadarajan (Raman Research Institute) July 15
Propagation in Canonical LQG Prof. Madhavan Varadarajan (Raman Research Institute) July 15
Particle production and Primordial SU(2) gauge fields. Dr. Azadeh Maleknejad (MPA Garching) July 03
The matter-ekpyrotic model in LQC Llibert Aresté Saló (LMU, Germany) June 13
Talks Loops'19 II Susanne Schander, Thorsten Lang, Robert Seeger, Konstantin Eder (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) June 12
Dynamics of the Mukhanov-Sasaki Hamiltonian Michael Kobler (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) June 05
Defining charges in LQG - Application of the DHR formalism to Loop Quntum Gravity Benjamin Lotter (FAU Erlangen, Germany) May 29
On the Classical Foundations of the Hybrid Approach to Quantum Cosmology Jonas Neuser (FAU Erlangen) May 16
SU(1,1) coherent states on the LQC Hilbert space Dennis Wuhrer (Uni Regensburg) May 15
On the Relation between the SU(2) and SO(4) Formulations of General Relativity Hans Liegener (FAU Erlangen) May 15
Non-convex polytopes in spin foam models Dr. Benjamin Bahr (Uni Hamburg) May 08

Winter Term 2018/19

Title Speaker Date
The ideas of Kaluza and Klein in the context of loop quantum gravity Josef Wichert (FAU Erlangen, Germany) November 07
Non singular loop quantum black holes Dr. Parempreet Singh (Louisiana State University) October 31

Summer Term 2018

Title Speaker Date
Introduction to Spin Foam Models II Dr. Woijech Kaminski (University of Warsaw) July 11
Deriving loop quantum cosmology from diffeomorphism invariance Dr. Jonathan Engle (Florida Atlantic University) July 10
Introduction to Spin Foam Models I Dr. Wojciech Kaminsiki (University of Warsaw) July 10
Fermionic backreaction in hybrid LQC Dr. Beatriz Elizaga de Navascues (FAU Erlangen) June 26
Quantum theory of charged isolated horizons Konstantin Eder (FAU Erlangen) May 29
On loop quantum gravity coupled to a scalar field Hanno Sahlmann (FAU Erlangen) May 15
GR on the Lattice: Ideas and Examples Dr. Andrea Dapor (FAU Erlangen) May 08

Winter Term 2017/18

Title Speaker Date
Dynamical Properties of the Mukhanov-Sasaki Equation Michael Kobler (IQG, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) February 13
Towards Gaussian States for the Holonomy-Flux Weyl Algebra Robert Seeger February 07
How to know if your favorite quantum Hamiltonian constraint is the right choice? Some insights from numerical methods. Prof. Parampreet Singh (LSU, Baton Rouge) January 30
Hamiltonian Renormalisation: Klein-Gordon Test Klaus Liegener (FAU) January 23
Infinite tensor products and the construction of states for lattice-gauge theories Alexander Stottmeister (Rome University (Tor Vergata)) January 16
Hamiltonian Renormalisation: Motivation and Theory Thorsten Lang (FAU) January 09
Cosmological Semiclassical States in Loop Quantum Gravity Julius Gohsrich (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) December 19
The distribution of the eigenvalues of the area operator: technical details Prof. Fernando Barbero (CSIC, Madrid) December 12
The distribution of the eigenvalues of the area operator: A game of partitions? Prof. Fernando Barbero (CSIC, Madrid) December 12
Gauge invariant perturbations and covariance in hybrid quantum cosmology Prof. Guillermo Mena-Marugan (CSIC, Madrid) December 05
Effects of Hybrid Loop Quantum Cosmology in the CMB Prof. Guillermo Mena-Marugan (CSIC, Madrid) December 05
New boundary variables for classical and quantum gravity on a null surface Dr. Wolfgang Wieland (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics) November 21
Two-surfaces in quantum geometry - a meaningful concept? David Grüber (FAU Erlangen) October 25
Semester Organisational Meeting Thomas Thiemann (FAU) October 24

Summer Term 2017

Title Speaker Date
Unitary dynamics as a uniqueness criterion for the quantization of Dirac fields Dr. Beatriz Elizaga de Navascues (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC) July 26
A comparison of symmetry reduction before and after quantization Dr. Antonia Zipfel (Florida Atlantic University, USA) July 26
Finite Projective Geometry as a Quantum World with Elementary Particles Prof. Klaus Mecke (FAU) July 25
Loops17: Analysis Thomas Thiemann (FAU) July 12
Talks Loops'17 Several July 05
Uniqueness of the Representation in Homogeneous Isotropic LQC Prof. Jonathan Engle (Florida Atlantic University) June 28
Geometry, constraints and boundaries. It takes three to tango. Juan Margalef (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) June 21
Modern Classification of Knot Invariants Klaus Liegener (FAU) June 14
A non-singular cosmic super-bounce Dr. Michael Koehn (FAU) June 08
Feasibility of probing the quantum universe dynamics through midisuperspaces in loop quantization. Dr. Tomasz Pawlowski (University of Warsaw) May 31
About non standard boundary conditions Juan Margalef (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) April 05

Winter Term 2016/17

Title Speaker Date
Geometrical Clocks in Cosmological Perturbation Theory Adrian Herzog (FAU Erlangen, Germany) March 22
The Schrödinger equation of the polarized three-torus Gowdy model in algebraic quantum gravity Andreas Leitherer (FAU Erlangen, Germany) March 15
Towards a Hartle-Hawking state for loop quantum gravity Satya Dhandhukiya (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) February 24
Deformed Poincare Group of an Observer Prof. Dr. Jerzy Lewandowski (Warsaw University) February 07
State refinements and coarse graining in a full theory embedding of loop quantum cosmology Dr. Norbert Bodendorfer (LMU) December 14
Renormalization of hypercuboidal spin foams Dr. Sebastian Steinhaus (Hamburg University) December 07
Polarization-less quantization of free field theories Dr. Suzanne Lanery (Centro de Ciencias Matematicas UNAM, Campus Morelia) October 18

Summer Term 2016

Title Speaker Date
On the compatibility of black hole area spectra with quasinormal mode frequencies in loop quantum gravity Benjamin Lotter (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) September 30
Perturbative canonical gravitational dynamics for birefringent spacetimes Nadine Stritzelberger (FAU Erlangen, Germany) July 14
The Erlangen Programme and General Relativity Dr. Derek Wise (Concordia U., USA) May 31
Kinematical uniqueness of loop quantum cosmology Prof. Dr. Jon Engle (Florida Atlantic University, USA) May 11
Perturbative solution of construction equations: general method and application Alexander Wierzba (Ludwig-Maximilian Universität) April 08

Winter Term 2015/16

Title Speaker Date
Construction equations for cosmologically symmetric area metric gravity Maximilian Düll (FAU Erlangen, Germany) March 09
Dynamical wave function reduction theories and various open issues at the interface between gravitation and quantum theory Prof. Dr. Daniel Sudarsky (UNAM Mexico City) February 22
Heat kernel coherent states on SU(3) Thorsten Lang (FAU Erlangen, Germany) October 27
Quantum Gravity: rainbows and other ideas Andrea Dapor (FAU Erlangen, Germany) October 20
Geometric properties of the Livine-Speziale coherent intertwiner [Bachelor defense] Robert Seeger (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) October 16
Projective State Spaces for Theories of Connections [PhD defence] Suzanne Lanéry (IQG, FAU Erlangen, Germany) October 09

Summer Term 2015

Title Speaker Date
Quantum Tetrahedron and Loop Quantum Gravity:The Monochromatic Four-Vertex Konstantin Eder (FAU Erlangen, Germany) September 18
The Physical Hamiltonian of the Gowdy Model in Algebraic Quantum Gravity Benedikt Böhm (FAU Erlangen, Germany) September 17
Algebraic Loop Quantisation of the Gowdy Model: The Master Constraint Nils Alex (FAU Erlangen, Germany) September 17
On Spatially Diffeomorphism Invariant Quantizations of the Bosonic String Florian Wolz (FAU Erlangen, Germany) September 17
Homogeneity and Isotropy in non-embedded LQG Dr. Jonathan Engle (Florida Atlantic University) July 22
On the Embedding of Quantum Field Theory on Curved Spacetimes into Loop Quantum Gravity [PhD defence] Alexander Stottmeister (IQG, FAU Erlangen, Germany) July 15

Winter Term 2014/15

Title Speaker Date
Masterkolloquium: Psi-epistemic hidden variable theories Markus Frembs (FAU Erlangen, Germany) January 19
First-order Dipole Cosmology in the limit of large volume of the universe Dr. Marcin Kisielowski (FAU Erlangen, Germany) January 14
Symmetry reductions in loop quantum gravity based on classical gauge fixings (blackboard talk) Dr. Norbert Bodendorfer (University of Warsaw) January 07
Towards the Turaev-Viro amplitudes from a Hamiltonian constraint Dr. Maïté Dupuis (University of Waterloo) December 17
Quantum theory and spacetime: an operational perspective Dr. Markus Müller (Universität Heidelberg) December 09
Discrete quantum geometries and their effective dimension Johannes Thürigen (MPI für Gravitationsphysik) December 03
Chern-Simons Theory, Flat Connections and 4d Quantum Geometry Prof. Muxin Han (FAU Erlangen, Germany) November 19
How the dynamics of matter determines the dynamics of gravity Dr. Frederic Schuller (IQG, FAU Erlangen) October 08
Geometrische Eigenschaften der Verschränkungsentropie in der Loop-Quantengravitation (Bachelorkolloquium, in German) Nadine Stritzelberger (FAU IQG) October 01

Summer Term 2014

Title Speaker Date
Gaussian measures and representations of the holonomy-flux algebra Stefan Nekovar (IQG FAU Erlangen) September 22
Effective formulations for (canonical) Quantum Theories Suddhasattwa Brahma (Pennsylvania State University) September 22
Towards the fundamental spectrum of Quantum Yang-Mills Theory (Master Colloquium) Klaus Liegener (IQG, FAU Erlangen) June 25
Turaev-Viro amplitudes from 2+1 Loop Quantum Gravity Dr. Daniele Pranzetti (IQG, FAU Erlangen) June 04
A Larger State Space for LQG Suzanne Lanéry (IQG, FAU Erlangen) May 21
Regge state-sum models of quantum gravity Dr. Aleksandar Mikovic (Lusófona University and GFM - University of Lisbon) May 14
The Large-Volume Limit of a Quantum Tetrahedron is a Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Prof. John Schliemann (Universität Regensburg) April 16

Winter Term 2013/14

Title Speaker Date
Geometry of 4-valent spin networks with spin 1/2 (Bachelorkolloquium) Henning Stumpf (FAU IQG) February 03
Semiclassical perturbation theory within loop quantum gravity (Masterkolloquium) David Winnekens (FAU IQG) February 03
What is the hydrogen atom of quantum field theory Prof. Michael Thies (IQG, FAU Erlangen) January 16
Classically Consistent Theories of Interacting Spin-2 Fields Angnis Schmidt-May (Stockholm University) December 18
Mode decomposition and Fourier analysis of physical fields in homogeneous cosmology Dr. Zhirayr Avetisyan (MPI Leipzig) December 16
Locality in Causal Sets Lisa Glaser (Nils Bohr Institute) December 16
Nonperturbative Renormalization Group approaches to quantum gravity Dr. Astrid Eichhorn (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics) December 10
Refinement limit of spin net / spin foam models with quantum groups Sebastian Steinhaus (Perimeter Institute) December 09
The quantization of submanifold embeddings Dr. Jochen Zahn (Universität Wien) December 06
Time dependent solutions of the massless Gross-Neveu model (PhD defence) Christian Fitzner December 06
Exact evaluations of coherent spin networks and spin foams Jeff Hnybida (Perimeter Institute) December 05
Null Twisted Geometry Mingyi Zhang December 04
Gauge Symmetric Higher derivative theories Biswajit Paul (S.N.Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata, India) November 20
Deformed Phase Space for 3d gravity Dr. Maïté Dupuis (University of Waterloo) November 19
Higher dimensional and supersymmetric extensions of loop quantum gravity (PhD defence) Andreas Thurn (IQG, FAU Erlangen) November 15
Cosmology with group field theory condensates Dr. Steffen Gielen (Perimeter Institute) November 13
Symmetry Reducing Loop Quantum Gravity Maximillian Hanusch (Universität Paderborn) October 30
General covariant foundations of quantum theory: The general boundary formulation Prof. Robert Oeckl (Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas, UNAM Morelia, Mexico) October 23
Topological parameters in gravity Dr. Sandipan Sengupta (Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India) October 09

Summer Term 2013

Title Speaker Date
Tensor operators in LQG Dr. Florian Girelli (University of Waterloo) June 26
Tensor operators for the Lorentz group in (2+1) loop quantum gravity Giuseppe Sellaroli (University of Waterloo) June 19
Relational Evolution of Observables for Hamiltonian-Constrained Systems Prof. Jerzy Lewandowski (University of Warsaw) May 15
Segal's axioms of a Conformal Field Theory Stefan Wiedenmann (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) May 06
Loop quantisation of supergravity theories (PhD defence) Norbert Bodendorfer (PennState University) April 30
Unbroken Discrete Supersymmetry Dr. Gerhart Seidl (FAU Erlangen) April 24
Dynamical evaporation of quantum horizons Dr. Daniel Pranzetti (Max-Planck-Instistute for Gravitational Physics, Potsdam) April 17

Winter Term 2012/13

Title Speaker Date
Manifestly gauge-invariant cosmological perturbation theory Thomas Zilker (IQG Erlangen) March 27
Quantum Mechanics in the Polymer Particle Representation Thorsten Reichert (IQG, Uni Erlangen) February 08
Symmetric Subsets of the LQG Configuration Space Prof. Christian Fleischhack (Universität Paderborn) January 28
Transition amplitude in Dipole Cosmology: first order calculations Marcin Kisielowski (University of Warsaw) January 22
From Finslerian time measures to Finsler geometric gravity Christian Pfeifer (Universität Hamburg) January 22
Shape Dynamics Dr. Tim Koslowski (University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada) December 19
Topics in LQC Miguel Campiglia (Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos, Pennstate University) December 05
Multimetric cosmology and structure formation Dr. Manuel Hohmann (Tartu University) November 21
Complete quantization of an inflationary scenario with scalar perturbations Mikel Fernández Méndez (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia - CSIC) November 21

Summer Term 2012

Title Speaker Date
Black hole complementarity controversy: Firewall or not? Dr. Dong-han Yeom September 18
General relativity on observer space Dr. Steffen Gielen (Perimeter Institute) August 22
Cartan Geometrodynamics Dr. Derek Wise (FAU Erlangen) August 16
Inhomogeneous Universe in LQG Dr. Emanuele Alesci & Dr. Francesco Cianfrani (FAU Erlangen) July 12
Loop quantization of scalar-tensor gravity and its cosmological application Prof. Yongge Ma (Beijing Normal University) June 28
A local Hamiltonian for spherically symmetric gravity coupled to a scalar field Prof. Jorge Pullin (Louisiana State University) June 20
Discrete Symmetries in Covariant LQG Dr. Edward Wilson-Ewing (CPT Marseille) June 20
Modified Plebanski actions and ghost-free massive gravity Dr. Simone Speziale (CPT Marseille) June 13
Cartan waywiser geometry and its application to the standard model Dr. Hans Westmann (Perimeter Institute) June 05
The twistorial structure of spinfoam transistion amplitudes Wolfgang Wieland (CPT Marseille) June 04
Solving the Euclidean Scalar Constraints by Spin-Foam Methods Antonia Zipfel (FAU Erlangen) May 31
Plebanski sectors of spin-foam models Dr. Jonathan Engle (Florida Atlantic University) May 30
Feynman graphs and Spin Foams Prof. Jerzy Lewandowski (University of Warsaw) May 03
Quantum Field Theory on Quantum Bianchi Spacetimes Andrea Dapor (University of Warsaw) May 02
Ab initio calculations in the 5-nucleon system Prof. Hartmut M. Hofmann (FAU Erlangen) April 17

Winter Term 2011/12

Title Speaker Date
Chern-Simons Theory, Vassiliev- Kontsevich Invariant, and Spinfoam Quantum Gravity Dr. Muxin Han (CPT Marseille) November 23
Superstrings, higher gauge theory, and division algebras John Huerta (Australian National University) November 23
Asymptotics of Spinfoam Amplitude on Simplicial Manifold Dr. Muxin Han (CPT Marseille) November 22
Constraint Rescaling in Refined Algebraic Quantisation: A study including open algebras Eric Martinez-Pascual (University of Nottingham) November 15