Talk Renata Ferrero (Uni Mainz)


May 10, 2023    

12:30 pm - 1:45 pm


SR 02.729
Staudtstraße 7/B2, Erlangen, 91058

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Asymptotically Safe Gravity and the road to observables



In this seminar I will give a pedagogical introduction to a specific continuum implementation of the Wilsonian Renormalization Group, the Effective Average Action. After having presented its general properties and its Functional Renormalization Group Equation in a simple scalar setting, I apply the approach to Quantum Einstein Gravity. The possibility of constructing a fundamental theory of Quantum Gravity in the framework of Asymptotic Safety is discussed. Finally, I will highlight some recent developments towards the inclusion of (relational) observables in asymptotically safe gravity. This might open a new window through which we can compare different approaches to Quantum Gravity.