Paper alerts

Symbolic picture for the article. The link opens the image in a large view.

There are several new preprints of our group members on the arXiv from late February and March:

  • “Quantum Reference Frames at the Boundary of Spacetime” by Wolfgang Wieland together with Viktoria Kabel and Caslav Bruckner, available here:
  • “Corner symmetry and quantum geometry” by Wolfgang Wieland together with Laurent Freidel and Marc Geiller, available here:
  • “Light Ring behind Wormhole Throat: Geodesics, Images and Shadows” by Cong Zhang together with Hyat Huang, Jutta Kunz and Jinbo Yang, available here:
  • “Black hole image encoding quantum gravity information” by Cong Zhang together with Yongge Ma and Jinsong Yang, available here:
  • “Dynamically implementing the μ-bar-scheme in cosmological and spherically symmetric models in an extended phase space model” by Kristina Giesel and Hongguang Liu, available here:
  • “Hamiltonian Theory: Dynamics” by Thomas Thiemann and Kristina Giesel, available here:
  • Emergence of Riemannian Quantum Geometry” by Hal Haggard, Jerzy Lewandowski and Hanno Sahlmann, available here: